Make Your Home in Me [CD - Enhanced]

Make Your Home in Me

Ben Walther

Discover contemporary, Christ-centered songs for intergenerational worship


Inspire intergenerational worship
Through his ministry in the Houston area, his national travels and his work with LifeTeen events, Ben Walther has quickly become a well-known worship leader. Marking his Spirit & Song debut, Make Your Home in Me delivers seven contemporary, Christ-centered songs for intergenerational worship that are rooted in the fullness of the Catholic faith.

Discover music for liturgy and faith-building events
Ben teams up with producer Tom Booth and engineer Jason Hoard (Third Day) to create a modern worship sound, reminiscent of Matt Redman and Hillsong. From electric guitars and group singers—evoking a congregation—to piano and Ben's uniquely warm and edgy vocals, discover a variety of music for liturgy, Eucharistic adoration and praise and worship.

Invite the Lord to dwell within our hearts
"Christ Is Lord" proclaims the resurrection reality of Christ's lordship over all creation. Presenting the human Jesus—homeless and simple—"Make Your Home in Me" invites him to reside in our hearts. Inspired by the Pentecost liturgy, "The Wonders of Your Love" extends that same invitation to the Holy Spirit to dwell within us.

Bring these songs to life with enhanced CD material
Musicians, music directors and contemporary groups—this enhanced CD gives you everything you need to learn, play and share these songs with ease:

  • FREE chord sheets (guitar chords and lyrics)
  • FREE song lyrics for projection and printed worship aids (music reprint license required)
  • Links to downloadable guitar/melody lead sheets for purchase
  • Instructional videos from Ben and his band—including suggested use, up-close demonstrations and live performances

Also available as an MP3 playlist.

Tracks: Christ Is Lord | For God So Loved the World (John 3:16) | Love Like Water | Make Your Home in Me | You Are Mine | You Are Mine | The Wonders of Your Love | Take Me

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Christ Is Lord
For God So Loved the World
Love Like Water
Make Your Home In Me
Take Me
The Wonders of Your Love
You Are Mine

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