The Perfect Gift

Nicole Hillman

Imagine you are handed a gift. The box is wrapped in shinny silver paper and the reflex makes your eyes sparkle. The bow is a beautiful red velvet bow. You can tell the person who wrapped the gift took care and pride in their work. The tag is homemade and is beautiful; it is an old Christmas card cut in a circle with fancy edges. You can't help but reach out to accept the gift with open arms. The best part of receiving this beautiful package is the little girl who is handing it to you. She is looking at you filled with all the love in the world. You can tell she is excited about the gift because she is moving by jumping from side to side. The smile on her face beams brighter than most Christmas lights that decorate your house.

You take the gift and the little girl jumps on your lap. She watches your every move as you opening the gift. You move the tissue paper and see a lovely picture frame that is adorned with glitter and beads. As you look at the picture, the little girl starts to fidget on your lap. She then bursts out, "don't you see this is you with dark hair and this is me holding your hand with blonde hair?" Written on the top of the page is "I love you" with a heart. With tears in your eyes you look at the little girl and say, "I Love you too, my gift is beautiful, it's perfect!"

What if we all took this much care and thought when we are giving and receiving gifts, especially at Christmas. God gave us the greatest gift of all, his Son who loved us, unconditionally. The Magi brought their most treasured gifts to Jesus because they understood the gift of this child. The girl gave a gift of love in the form of personal art. As a society we get caught up in the latest and greatest items. As we shop let's take time to think about the person and the meaning behind the gift we’re giving. Does it say I am so blessed that you're in my life? As you shop, bake, and make gifts this year, do it with joy and love. Be as excited to give as the little girl. Give the gift of love.

On this day, dear Jesus,
may we give to you a gift or two.
Something for you, Jesus,
something bright and new,
but we know that though
heaven see it and our hearts believe it,
there is nothing that we can give to you,
like you gave to us.
- Bob Halligan, Jr., and Rick Modlin

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