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Ken Canedo

By Ken Canedo

sup? thinkN bout hi-tech & 3dom 2 chat whoevr WE whnvr: cell, IM, txt msg, etc. EZ but dngr in losing ability 2B present 2 person UR w/ :-(

eg, UR talkN w/ bud, cell rings, U pick up, ignore bud & ch@ w/ callR. call wait, click, ignor 1st callR, ch@ w/ 2nd d00d. txt msg buzz, stop ch@. msg frm 1st bud says had 2 bail. U look up, bud gone. UR solo. lol.

txt & cell nteruptns OK w/ buds, rents irate. :-} pls undRst& rents wrk all day, only wnt QT w/ U. rents feelN xcludd frm yr liF.

IMHO, fmlys R 2gtha only jiffy. hi-tech orsum w/ frends but give rents some QT. B presnt 2 ea oder! avoid hi-tech nteruptns when talkN w/ rents.

courtesy = <3
<3 nvr fails

st paul xpressd it btfly & Fmosly in 1 cor 13:

<3 = patient
<3 = knd
<3 aint jLs or rude
<3 duznt seek own glory
<3 finds n >:( no joy
<3 Blevz
<3 hopes n endures
<3 nvr fails

??? Translation follows . . .

Text Messaging: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Pop Culture)

What's up? I'm thinking about high technology and the freedom to have a conversation with anyone about anything, anytime, with cell phones, computer instant messages, and cell text messaging. High tech conversations are easy, but there is the danger of losing the ability of genuine presence with the person in front of you. That's sad.

For example, imagine that you're having a conversation with your friend and your cell phone rings. You take the call and ignore your friend as you talk with the caller. In the middle of that conversation, you receive a call waiting signal and place the first caller on hold while you take the second call. After a while, you hear the text message ringtone and interrupt the second caller. It's a message from your friend with whom you had the original conversation. He says he had to go. You look up, your friend is gone, and now you're alone. Funny!

Text and cell phone conversations are okay with your close friends, but some parents get annoyed by the phenomenon (knowing grin). Please understand that parents work all day and only want quality time with you. Sometimes parents feel left out of your world.

In my honest opinion, families are together for only a short time. High tech communication is great with your friends, but please give your parents some quality time, too.

Be present to each other! Avoid high tech interruptions when talking with your parents. Courtesy is an expression of love, and love never fails.

St. Paul expressed it beautifully and famously in 1 Corinthians 13:

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is not jealous or rude.
Love does not seek its own glory.
Love finds in evil no joy.
Love believes.
Love hopes and endures.
Love never fails. . .

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