B is for BRAVERY (Catholic Mom)

Sarah Hart

B is for BRAVERY


I have a dear friend who has three young children, and is about to have a fourth. I had made it a point some time ago to help my friend by showing up with hot coffee and an adult presence as often as I could. One day, I walked in slinging two hot coffees with my youngest in tow. My friend greeted me in her pajamas, . . . and a look on her face that said "Calgon." I said "oh, . . . not a good morning, huh?"

I put Evie in the playroom with her three and we sipped Starbucks. "So, what's up?" I laughed.

My friend replied, "Do you see the empty kiddie pool in the front yard?"


"Well," she continued, "this morning I fantasized that I could just put all three kids into the empty pool with some toys, put the diaper bag out there with them, and stick a sign in the yard that said 'free to a good home.'" She said she had actually stopped to think for a few minutes, trying to remember whether she had Sharpies and poster board in the house. It's amazing what the sleepless, frazzled mind will consider.

While I knew she would never do that (we both laughed uncontrollably), I got it. Totally. Some days the rough stuff outweighs the good, and you just get through. It is no small matter to take on screaming fits, feeding sessions, assorted bodily functions, tears, and back-sassing mouths. Motherhood is a battlefield oftentimes, not for the faint of heart. It requires bravery; and many times, only the bravery the Lord can give.

Friends of my parents tragically lost their 25-year-old son in an accident just last weekend while we were visiting in my hometown. The overwhelming trust in God and bravery they have exhibited in the face of that pain is perhaps one of the biggest lessons in parenting I will ever come to see. The kind of bravery, surely, that only the Lord can give.

There are no assurances in parenting. It can be a battlefield. We are in the trenches, serving, fighting for our children's future, praying for them like mad, worrying endlessly, loving them without bounds, trying our best to lead them in the Lord through the noise of the world.

The beauty of it is that flowers will bloom, even in the battlefield.

From Brave New World:

I have no idea what I am doing Lord,
But I can't afford to give up now. . .
When every day is a brave new world
Gotta have faith, . . . gotta be courageous
Every day is a brave new world where I must go

Psalm 31:24

Be strong and let your heart take courage,
All you who hope in the Lord.

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