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Sarah Hart

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G is for GROW

This morning before school, the kids and I watched Peep and the Big Wide World,an animated show on Discovery Kids about science. The main character, Peep, is a young rooster, and every day he discovers something new about the world with his friends, Quack and Chirp. This morning's episode was about a sunflower seed. When Peep discovered the sunflower seed, a little bird told him, "You know there's a flower inside of that." Peep said "Huh? But how?" And the bird replied, "You dig a hole, put it in the ground, and wait."


At that same moment, I told Addie to put on her shoes and socks because the bus would be here in a minute. I was in bare feet, and
we both stood up together. I looked at her feet — I have been out of town the past four days and could swear her feet grew an inch. I said, "Addie, put your foot beside mine." She did, and she said, "Wow, mommy! My foot is almost as big as yours!" Indeed, she's got about another inch before it's as long as my foot. My thought was that inside this little 7 year old, there is an adult.

I love the simplicity of the bird's revelation to Peep. There is something amazing inside our little people, just waiting to come out. It is up to us, however, to be sure that we have not merely planted the seed, but that we lovingly nurture it with light and water — our love . . . our time . . . our prayers . . . our patience . . . our teaching.

And wait. Because moms, as you know, there's a flower inside.

You'll see your children grow up, your family lovely and lissome as orchard grass.
- Job 5:21

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