God's Grandeur

Robert Feduccia

I just got back from Mesa, Arizona, where we filmed our next several segments of The Commons. I love the flight from Portland to Phoenix. We round through downtown Portland, go alongside Mt. Hood, down the Willamette valley, and over Creator Lake. All of that is just in Oregon! This time I was particularly struck as we flew Arizona and I saw the Grand Canyon.

Grand CanyonAs Catholics, we don't think evolution and faith contradict. We would say that evolution is the method God used to create. As I looked down on the Grand Canyon, I was amazed at God's patience. It took millions and millions of years for the Grand Canyon to be the majestic site that it is. Can you imagine how patient God must be?

I wish I was holy. I mean really, really holy. But I struggle with many of the same sins I did back when I was in my early 20s. I know my holiness is God's work. I just wish he would get on with it and get me holy!

If God can work for millions upon millions of years on the Grand Canyon, I know he will be patient with us, the ones with whom he loves enough to exchange breath. I guess it is I who needs the patience, . . . and I need it now. :)

God of wonders, beyond our galaxy,
You are holy, holy.
The universe declares your majesty.
You are holy, holy . . .


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