What Would Jesus txt? (Pop Culture)

Ken Canedo

K, w@ wd Gsus txt? Try sendg deez ot 2 ur dawgs nxt tym u txt em.
(Scroll down for translation.)

Repnt, 4t kngdm of hvn S @ h&.
(Mt 4:17)

<3 1 nothA, as Ive <3ed U.
(Jn 13:34)

Im d wA, d truf n d lyf.
(Jn 14:5-7)

OFr no resistnce 2 hrt. wen a pRsN hits U on d ryt ceek, trn n OFr him d oder.
(Mt 5:39b-41)

Evry1 hu xlts himslf wl B hmbld, bt he hu hmbls himslf wl B xlted.
(Lk 14:11)

<3 ur foes. pray 4 doze hu harass U.
(Mt 5:44)

Blest r d poor n spirt, 4 thirs S d kngdm of hven.
(Mt 5:1)

Unl U chng n Bcm lk lil kids, Ull nvr Nta d kngdm of God.
(Mt 18:3)

Gsus Xt! U R my lyf!

Translation: Okay, what would Jesus txt? Try sending these out to your friends next time you text them.

(For the translation of each Jesus saying, simply look up the scriptural citation.)

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