J is for Jackson Browne (Catholic Mom)

Sarah Hart

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J is for Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne

I went to see Jackson Browne last night at the Ryman in Nashville. It was a Valentine's Day gift from my oh-so-awesome hubby.

Before the show, I was in the bathroom, and I overheard this conversation:

"I never thought when I was 17 listening to Jackson Browne that I would be here someday, at a Jackson Browne concert, with my 17 year old daughter . . ."

"Yeah, it's cool, mom. It's blowing your mind, huh?"


"Yes, honey, pretty much."

And it just took that simple exchange for me to think about how fast my kids are growing up. And how fast I am growing up, too! When I was 17 it was really so hard to imagine that maybe someday I'd be a mom, and yet it happened almost faster than I could blink my eyes. At this moment it seems impossible to me that my kids will ever be 17, but I know they will be. It really is so like that insurance commercial: "Life comes at you fast."

So I am trying not to blink, enjoying these moments as best I can, and hoping that Jackson Browne is still singing when my girls are 15 and 17. Though, even if he is, I know they may have other plans.

When we love the little children,
when we look into their eyes,
when we show that they’re wanted,
when we hold them when they cry,

We do it to Jesus,
we do it for Jesus,
we do it with Jesus, our Lord . . .

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