Art and God's Creativity

Robert Feduccia

Sarah Hart Commons 3Sarah Hart will most likely give an earful to me because I am about to publicly talk about a private conversation she and I had.

Anyone who knows the Spirit & Song repertoire of songs can easily recognize Sarah's value to the Church as a songwriter. (The already-classic You Alone is just one outstanding example.) Songs flow out of her like milk from a pre-schooler's cup. She's incredible.

But she had a dilemma. Some of the songs that were flowing out of her were not "Christian" songs. They were songs that talked about everyday situations and God was not explicitly named in the songs. It was a real crisis for my dear sister in the Lord.

One of the things that turns my heart and mind to the Lord is art. To me, there is no greater evidence to the fact that we have been made in the image of God than art. The human ability to find the beauty in the ordinary or prophetically point to injustice demonstrates that God mixes and mingles with us to the point that we get to participate in his creativity.

I encouraged Sarah to take those songs to a different record label, a label that could really benefit from those songs. She did and she gave them a work of art. gets no financial benefit from this record. Because of that, I can really tell you to go get Road to Ohio. I absolutely love it. Listen to the art and see how Sarah's gifts and creativity bring glory to God.

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