Music and Renewal

Robert Feduccia

The Church teaches that she, the Church, is in constant need of renewal.

I know there are many who disagree, but I count the Church's repertoire of music in that statement as well. I really like "Sing to the Lord," the most recent document from the U.S. Bishops on music in the liturgy. It says that every parish should have Gregorian chant as part of its repertoire. Absolutely! But it also recognizes that the Church needs her artists to offer a new expression of praise to the Lord.

We take the ancient heart of praise, adoration, and worship of the Lord and_ express that relationship in the mode of the current culture.

I just left Saint Meinrad School of Theology's One Bread, One Cup program. It is a liturgical leadership conference for high school youth. It is an amazing program! Check it out at

While I was there, I met these incredibly talented young men who are writing new music for the Church. They are writing a new setting to Psalm 150. They have the hearts of artists and we need them to give a new generation a voice of praise to the God beyond all generations. To Matt, Alex, and Luke . . . keep on writing, playing, and praying!

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