Ode on an Ode; or "Look Out! The Walrus Wife Replies!"

Sarah Hart

Walrus"The time has come, the time has come!"
the walrus wife replied.
"To speak? Who has the time to speak?"
she said with glowering eyes.

"My dear, you sit and postulate
positions high and grand,
and all the while you're living in
some sort of la-la land!

"Can not your walrus eyes behold
the dishes in the sink?
The laundry piled upon the floor,
your woman on the brink?

"I'll speak, oh yes, I will reply
and do it while I clean,
and change a diaper, cook a meal,
and chase down more caffeine.

"You see, my flippered-mammal love,
'tis not just Fall that comes
with clutter and complexity,
oh blubbery, toothy one.

"But rather, it is every day
we women, mothers, wives
are spent as spent could ever be
within our nutty lives.

"I know it is not nature's way
for you to seek the broom,
the dish soap, mop; but trust me, love:
You'll be glad if you do.

"For love of actions loudly speaks.
So set your man-pride down.
Pick up your dirty underwear.
and put the beverage down.

"The moral here: To please your mate
you'll heed this desperate call.
Remembering (forgive the pun):
Pride goeth before a fall. :)

Listen: You to Blame

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