To the Extreme

Curtis Stephan

I love this song! It gets me in touch with my inner-child thrasher! Okay, so actually I don't skate at all, but my little brother does have that cool Tony Hawk PRO-SKATE 4 game at home, so maybe I have a little X Games cred. I'm in Generation X, does that count?

Our parish, St. Ann, was doing an X Games themed retreat called "TO THE EXTREME" and this was our theme song. Our retreat master, Fr. Mark Goring from the Companions of the Cross, is a dedicated thrasher and he has some serious skateboard skilz.

God's love is so extreme. How much farther could anyone go to show us how much we are loved? IT"S CRAZY! The courage it takes to try that grind on a rail or 360 in the pipe is not unlike that first time you totally surrender your life to Christ. It's frightening, risky, seemingly insane, and a complete rush all at once. If we could just translate the daring, the risk, the toughness and perseverance that it takes to get good in the half pipe to our faith life, how much different would our life be? We might actually be truly extreme...

- Curtis Stephan

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