Never Be The Same

Julie Hoy

I was inspired to write the song "Never Be The Same," after my heart was opened by 125 beautiful children in Southern Mexico. I traveled there for the first time in May, 2001. I was afraid to go for two major reasons: One, I didn't want to feel useless.  Two, I worried my heart would break so bad that I might never stop crying. Truth be told, I did cry and I was able to stop. As far as my feeling useless was concerned... Well, God knew why I needed to make the trip and His definition of my usefulness was much different than mine. He saw far beyond my expectations to His design.

This past fall, I completed my eighth trip to Pimpollo, Mexico. The children and those who care for them full-time are like family to me now. I love them and do what I can to help them through a non-profit organization called Friends of Pimpollo. My relationship with the children has taught me so much. Each time I travel there I am reminded of God's constant provision, His protection, His joy and unfailing love.

There are so many possible missions in life. Countless numbers of people are in need, some close to home and others far away. No matter where, the cry of every soul should be heard. God needs those willing to listen. Our family, our community or even another part of the world might be waiting for our help. 

Have faith! God knows what we are capable of doing and if we are willing, He will equip us for the task.

I am truly thankful that I will never be the same. 

-- Julie Hoy

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