Blessed Are They

Julie Hoy

I know I'm not alone when I say, I believe that the Psalms were divinely inspired. I also believe God knew when they were written that regular people like me would be inspired by them for all eternity.

"Blessed Are They" was inspired by Psalm 84. It is a psalm that, like the song, portrays a deep desire to live in the presence of God. The mere thought of being separated from God seems too much for the psalmist to bear. Verse 11 says, "Better one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere." I want to be with you God. Anywhere else is just life wasted.

I keep several translations of the Bible on hand. I like to gather information from more than one perspective. Sometimes I can read a passage of scripture from one translation... and I might think... "That's nice." Then I'll pick up another translation, read the same scripture and the deeper meaning pops out at me in full-on 3D. When God puts a passage of scripture on my heart, I look at it and meditate on it until the message is clear. It might take years, days, hours, minutes or even several different translations, but God knows what it takes to reach me and I know He's not going to let up until I've got it right.

"Blessed Are They" is my humble attempt at expressing God's Word in song. It is a combination of different translations and artistic license. I guess I'll find out in the end if God's okay with that.

The writer of this Psalm reminds me a little of myself. It seems to me, he is observing those around him and realizing they have something he wants. He is noticing some of the glorious benefits of living with God... blessings... abundant blessings! "They pass from strength to strength." There was a time when I looked at those around me and thought, I want what they have. Not material goods, not money, but God's Peace. That's the kind of thing that comes from living in His presence. To be away from that would be terrible.

"I will not reside with the wicked. I stand in the midst of the light. I will do what it takes to keep my place in the house of God." Blessed are they... and by His Grace... so am I.

- Julie Hoy


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