Scarecrow and Tinmen

Chris Padgett

"Changed by love and changed by compassion, we now have a new heart and mind." In the Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow needed a brain and the Tinman needed a heart. As Christians we are given a new heart and a new mind in Christ. Hebrews 8:10 speaks about this when we read, "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws into their minds, and I will write them upon their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people." (NASB)

It was around 1995 when I first met Brad DeRosia. I was doing some booking for a few artists, mostly as an excuse to book myself in some churches in order to share the music I had written with someone else besides my wife. I was collaborating with a high school friend named Jim Smith and we decided to do a Simon and Garfunkel type of duo. I called our little group Scarecrow and Tinman. Brad was doing some ministry things with another band and he had a wonderful ability to record music; I was impressed. I decided to try and book his band too, but for reasons unknown it didn't seem to click with his band. Brad decided to join Jim and I, and we agreed the match could be exciting. I decided to call the group Scarecrow and Tinmen to account for the inclusion of our newest member. One of the first songs we wrote was Scarecrow and Tinmen. My friend Jim was developing his songwriting capabilities and came up with the music on his acoustic guitar. Lyrically Jim and I worked on much of it, and in the end it had a wonderful feel musically and lyrically. The song speaks of the desire we all have of being touched by One bigger then ourselves. There is a sense of cynicism in the beginning of the tune, upon the individual first hearing the Gospel, yet the message of God's transforming love is one that all internally long for. The idea of being "ripe" for the message of love and friendship is one that is not novel. Members of the Church have been planting and watering the world for centuries in order to bring many into God's love.

For years the band would play this tune, and almost every venue we went to an explanation of the band's name was given to the approving nods of the audience. For Scarecrow and Tinmen the music was a conduit for the message of God's love, even from the beginning. It was a wonderful experience for us to convey moods, ideas, energy, and our spiritual hearts to kids and adults in a medium that they felt comfortable with. We played this song for the elderly in senior adult living facilities, Home Depot during the Christmas season, and Books-A-Million bookstores who had us come in for some acoustic music. We played this song in coffee houses, churches, and schools all over the country, because Christ's love was and always will be transforming. We really become in Christ that which we are called to be as children of God. Because of this new heart and mind, we can now want the things of God, we can feel with His love, and this is something which our world longs for even if it doesn't realize it. For all of us in the band, we truly felt God had touched our lives and we wanted to use everything we could to bring Christ to a world still in need of this new heart and mind. I am the Scarecrow and you are the Tinmen, so let's go out and bring Christ to those in our reach, because truly there is no place like home!

-- Chris Padgett

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