I Am Saved

My favorite genre of current music, by far, is indie rock. If you have never heard of Loney, Dear, do yourself a favor and watch these performances of when they where in Portland at the OPB Music studio. My new favorite band is Mumford and Sons. This band absolutely blowing up in the indie rock world. It seems they are poised to cross over into mainstream. Acoustic. Passionate. Poetic. Artistic. Introspective. This is what I love about indie music and these bands possess these qualities in spades!

I have a running joke with friends on Twitter about the hipster culture. Try as I might not to be drawn to all things hipster (for a full description of the hipster culture, check out the blog ) I find that I am indeed a hipster ....except without the "chill edginess" associated with being hipster.

From what I understand, self-deprication is one of the characteristics of the hipster/indie culture. This why Conan O'Brien was so loved. His humor was self-depricating. Back to Loney, Dear and Mumford and Sons. I think being self deprecating can cross into self-loathing.

I don't know if it is an artist thing, a hipster thing, or a generational thing ....I think it is a human thing, but I am finding more and more lyrics and art that reflects, without a better way of saying it, abject feelings of guilt. From Loney, Dear's song "I Was Only Going Out", we here the lyric "And I most don't like myself or what I do". From Mumford & Sons' song "Little Lion Man", the chorus sings, "but it was not your fault but mine and it was your heart on the line I really ****** it up this time didn't I, my dear?"


What do we do with our faults and errors? I think our tendency is to do one of two things. First, we have the temptation of becoming arrogant. "If everyone else would just what they're supposed to, life would be much better!" Second, we can become self-loathing. "I am such a freaking mess. I hate myself when I say that kind of stuff." "I am such an idiot! Why do I do that?!"

St. Paul must have felt like this, too. Romans 7:15 reads: "I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." I think Ike Ndolo can identify with this experience based on his song I Am Saved .

But the rest of Romans 7 and this song from our dear brother Ike offers true hope! Yes, we fall and we can fall both publicly and miserably. It hurts because it is embarrassing and because we do damage to other people.The door is open to guilt and self-loathing in these moments. But! We are loved; we are accepted, and we are made new in Christ Jesus. I think the story of Adam and Eve reveals that we humans have primal guilt and primal shame. When this gets displayed publicly, it is beyond difficult. It can be scarring. It is at these times that Lord wants to take us by the hand and raise us up out of our guilt and shame. Of course, we have to learn. Of course, we need to make amends to those we have hurt. But the Lord looks us in the eye and says: "There is no shattering that love cannot heal. There is NO shattering that love cannot heal." Scripture tells us that all will be reconciled in Jesus Christ. That means we are saved! Allow yourself to hear that as you listen to I Am Saved .

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