Redemption Song

Sarah Hart

During this Easter season, we are celebrating the culmination of all creation. From nothing, God created the world and set it on a path that is end in intimacy with him. Despite our sin and our resistance to his invitation God united himself to us, even more closely, in his own Son, Jesus Christ. A human life that began in a peasant birth, interrupted by a brutal and unjust death, has reached its fulfillment in conquering that death by rising to new life. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus has brought all of creation to its mid-point. No longer are we estranged from God. Instead, we on the journey home. The breath of God that exhaled and brought all of creation into being is being brought back to him as the divine inhale of breath is drawing us back to him

Redemption Song expresses the joyful release of a "Hallelujah" because it celebrates this return to intimacy with God the Father. No more separation. No more to we see God dimly. No. We now have full access to him through Jesus's obedience unto death and his glorious resurrection. We at Spirit & Song offer this song to you during this season and pray that it will be blessing to you as you celebrate our victory in Christ. If you would like to see a live performance of the song, please visit The Commons

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