Jesus Christ You Are My Life

Marco Frisina

During this week, youth and young adults from around the world are gathering in Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day. Pope Benedict's first World Youth Day was in 2005 in his native Germany. For the event in Cologne, the current Song of the Week was the theme.

Jesus Christ, You Are My Life captures the spirit of the World Youth Day gatherings. Catholics from around the world have come in pilgrimage to be pastored by the Church's supreme pastor. Under his pastoral care, we give ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

As a piece of music, Jesus Christ, You Are My Life is rare. It able to sung with only guitar or with a full choral arrangement. It is a very moving song. It is able to stir hearts to yearn more deeply for the Lord. Please enjoy this Song of the Week. We hope it bring you to a pilgrimage of the heart if you are not able to pilgrimage to Madrid.

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