You Stand Knocking

Tom Booth

The are two words for time in Greek, chronos and kairos. Chronos is the root of the word chronology. It is orderly which means you can count it. 1 second ....2 seconds ....3 seconds. In chronos, things progress. There is now; there is past, and that which will come is the future. We live in chronos.

Kairos (KY-roes) is different. It is best translated as the crucial time. When Jesus said that the "time has been fulfilled" and the Kingdom of God is at hand, he was talking about kairos. It is God's time. God's eternal now. It is the time for decision making. It is time to enter the Kingdom.

Tom Booth's song "You Stand Knocking" is about kairos. Jesus stands at the door of our heart and asks the question: "Can I enter?" It is a life changing decision and it is a decision that must be "yes" and it must be made now. St. Augustine lamented: "Late have I come to love you.". Augustine also said that our hearts were made for God and our hearts a restless until they find their rest in God. Now is the moment to open the door, not for fear of hell, but for the yearning that would go unfulfilled if the door goes unopened.

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