I Know You Are Near

Cooper Ray

During this week, we will mark the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a hurricane that killed over 1,800 people and left countless other homeless in New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf South. In the wake of that terrible storm, Cooper Ray wrote "I Know You Are Near" as a song of confidence in the Lord's care in the midst of the storms that life brings.

As these words are being typed a new hurricane is bearing down on that region again. It is a storm in the truest sense. While we stand in solidarity with the resilient people of the Gulf Coast, storms hit everyone. Sometimes the storms are financial with the loss of work. Sometimes storms are of our own doing. We make bad choices and then try to cover them up. When they are discovered, the heat that we feel can be overwhelming.

Whether the storms are from the hand of nature or from the hand of the economy, whether the storms come from our misdeeds or whether we are victims: the Lord's promise is that he is near. God himself entered our human condition. He got in the boat with the disciples in their storm on the sea. He has not left. He is in our boats; he is in our lives, and he there to bring his comfort and his consolation.

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