Sarah Hart

There are some Christian faiths that baptize believers in the name of Jesus; however, Catholics baptize people in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Scripture contains both ways of baptizing. What makes us insistent on using one way over another? The answer lies in the fact that the trinity is a community/

Salvation is not just us entering into a place called heaven. Pope Benedict says that when all believers are brought together in Jesus the Christ, they become heaven. We are baptized into a body of living believers who make up the body of Christ. When we are baptized, the Holy Spirit comes down on us and scoops us up to place us within Christ's body. Being in Christ, we share in his relationship with the Father forever and ever, without end. That is the Catholic understanding of salvation. That is one of the reasons why we celebrate Trinity Sunday and Pentecost. Each member of the Blessed Trinity has a place in our lives and in our salvation

Sarah Hart and Marc Byrd have written a modern hymn that praises each member of the Most Holy Trinity. We need to song new songs that hold on to the fullness of our belief. We hope you enjoy Renew and use it in your worship.

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