Jackie François Jackie Francois is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, speaker and youth minister from Placentia, Calif. For 22 years Jackie attended St. Joseph Catholic Church of Placentia, where the LIFE TEEN program started during her freshman year of high school. Through retreats, youth conferences and World Youth Day 2000 in Rome, Jackie has truly come to experience Jesus in a deeper way.

Coming from a musical family, she has been singing nearly her whole life, learning music theory at a young age. Jackie learned how to play the violin and performed in many musicals. During her senior year of high school, she taught herself how to play guitar, which led to the beginning of her songwriting.

In June 2003, spiritandsong.com recording artist Tom Booth heard Jackie’s two-track CD and instantly recognized her talent. The Booth family mentored her both spiritually and musically and invited Jackie to sing at major faith events with audiences as large as 5,000 people.

After her debut album, Your Kingdom is Glorious was released to stellar reviews in 2008, she continued to cultivate her talents and gifts as a songwriter, worship leader and speaker. Her most recent release, Divine Comedy showcases her evolving musical talent and is a true celebration of life with songs of joy and tenderness.

Currently, Jackie is a host on spiritandsong.com’s webcast, “The Commons.” She also serves the local parish of Santa Clara de Asis in Yorba Linda, CA during their Saturday night Masses. Her music and speaking ministry has taken her around the globe showing young men and women of Christ what it is to truly love and be loved by our God. Her message of faith is to be “someone who reminds people of Heaven in the busyness of everyday life” through humor, prayerfulness and song. 

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