by Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam.

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Behind and Before Me [MP3] - from Behind and Before Me


O Lord, how you search me!
My God, how you know me!
You see me when I rest and when I rise.
From behind and before me,
my God, you explore me;
so terrible, so wonderful, so wise!

1. With praise for all the wonders I can see,
how I thank you for the wonder you made me.
For your eyes have seen my ways;
you have numbered all my days
long before a one of them had come to be.

2. If I climb up to the heavens, you are there!
If I fly the wings of morning, you are there!
If I dwell across the waves,
if I lie down in a grave,
in the light or in the darkness, you are there!

3. Though your thoughts would number
more than grains of sand,
still you knit me in my mother with your hand
before the day that I was born,
while in secret being formed,
a mystery I barely understand.

© 2015,, a division of OCP