Here at This Table

by Janèt Sullivan Whitaker, Max Whitaker

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Come and be filled here at this table.
Food for all who hunger
and drink for all who thirst.
Drink of his love, wine of salvation.
You shall live forever in Jesus Christ the Lord.

1. You who labor for justice,
you who labor for peace,
you who steady the plow
in the field of the Lord,

2. You with lives full of pain,
you who sorrow and weep,
you, beloved of Christ,
come to him, come to him!

3. Children of ev'ry color
in ev'ry land,
you are his own,
he gathers you gently.
Don't you grow weary,
for when you run,
you run with the Lord!

4. You, the aged among us,
holy, faithful and wise,
may the wisdom you share
form our lives and our world!

5. Let each woman and man
learn from the stranger;
we're not so diff'rent
and so much unites us.
For we are one,
blest with the Spirit
and the power of love!

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