by Ken Canedo, Jesse Manibusan

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Live In Love [MP3] - From: Love Never Fails
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Love Never Fails [CD] - Jesse Manibusan and Ken Canedo
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To love you is all I ever really wanted;

Help you see the blessing that you are;

Watch you growing every day

in beauty, love and every way.

To walk with you along this endless journey,

to take your hand and offer my hand, too,

to give you some direction,

to walk in faith the way you choose.

To live in love is all I'm really wanting,

For love is more than just feelings from the heart.

Love still gives even when we won't receive it,

And love still lives when we live in love.

I know I've missed some things along this journey.

So many disappointments, yes, it's true.

But if love is a decision,

then love is what will see us through.

I've followed you along this great adventure.

I'm changing and becoming who I am.

But now's the time to let me go.

Trust the love you've always shown.

All those years, all those tears,

love still never ends.

For God is love and those who live in love,

God will live in them.

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