by Jesse Manibusan

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Love Never Fails [CD] - Jesse Manibusan and Ken Canedo
Mc God [MP3] - From: Love Never Fails
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M C God! Maker, Creator, always a lover, not a hater.
M C God! Messiah, Christ Jesus, the One who frees us.
M C God! Manifestation, Confirmation, Discipleship, instigation.
M C God! Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You Got ears, but can you hear it?

Verse 1:
Sometimes we're saying we're sick and tired of praying.
Well, we ain't playing, it's faith that we're displaying.
Don't wanna front, put out the blunt, fire up our faith,
Lord Jesus, our lives have come undone.
We're just saying we need to check it out, yo!
So many busters trying to front up on the big show.
Stuck in a hole, playing a role, nowhere to go.
Man, that's cold. I don't think so.

We need a Maker who can make our lives well.
We need a Savior who can save us from ourselves.
We need a spirit who can hook us up with skills
to live our faith,k show and tell, well.

M! Mercy! Unbinding us and setting us free. C! Cross! What's up death? Where's your sting?
M! Mighty is the love of the poor and those outcast. C! Compassion like the MC God whose love will last.
M! No longer Master. Now I call you friend. C! Covenant that never, ever, ever, ends.
M! Manger, where the MC King was born. C! Code he lived that earned him a crown of thorns.
M! Mission of the gospel that is Jesus! C! Conversion of our hearts, not doubt, that fees us.
M! Mother Mary, and May of Magdalene C! Calling us to "Digo sí just like they said to him.

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