by Josh Blakesley

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Healing Hands [MP3] - From: Immersed
Healing Hands [MP3] - From: Spirit & Song 2, Vol 8: Discs N & O
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Immersed [CD] - Josh Blakesley
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1. I've fallen, Lord, pick me up, hold me close.
I need forgiveness again.
I've come so far down this road
that you have shown me,
but sometimes I just don't see the end.

2. Comfort me, Lord,
show me your love, fill my soul.
I don't see clearly anymore.
I try so hard to see your face in all I do.
I just forget what I'm looking for.

Your healing hands will always embrace me.
Your healing hands won't let me go.
Your healing hands pour your love upon me,
filling my heart, making me whole.

3. Speak to me, Lord,
say the words I need to hear
when it seems so hard to understand.
I get so lost with the thoughts in my head,
I can't remember who I am.

4. Strengthen me, Lord,
I am weak, but you are strong.
Christ, lead me through another day.
I need your help;
please come and rescue me.
Guide me and show me your way.

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