by Bob Halligan Jr

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Dead Presidents On Parade [MP3] - From: Change in Your Pocket


I'm lookin' for ways to stay alive.

Got so many bills to pay tonight.

I got car insurance, life insurance,

health insurance, home insurance.

I can't breathe, 'cause I can't sleep,

'cause I can't pay, and there's no way,

but I still pray 'cause there's gotta be,

there's gotta be, there's gotta be,

there's gotta, gotta be a way.

Dead presidents on parade.

Step over here into the shade of my wallet.

I need money. I got love.

Comes in handy down here, Bub.

Dead presidents on parade.

Got bills that have gotta be paid from my pocket.

Can't pay what I don't have.

Dead presidents,

won't you have a seat right here.

Don't need to keep ya, just love to meet ya.

Don't have to stay.

Just say hello, and I'll send you on your way.

I'm lookin' to do what You have asked,

but it's been a long and grinding path.

Now I teach piano, teach guitar.

I teach what little I've learned so far,

but it's still rough, and it's so tough,

and it's not enough.

No, it's never been enough,

but I still pray ?cause I still pay.

So, I still pray, but there's no way,

but there's gotta be a way.

There's gotta be a way.

There's gotta be, gotta be, gotta be a way.

Love of money is the root of all evil.

Lack of money is a gun that shoots people.

That gun, it shot me in the ego.

Made me feel a little less equal.

If it's bad for me, think of the others,

starvin' children, fathers and mothers.

Gotta come up with a better system.

Our instincts are good, but we resist 'em.

There's gotta be a way. Gotta be a way.

Gotta be a way. Gotta be a way.

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