by Sarah Hart

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Brave New World [MP3] - From: Into These Rooms
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Into These Rooms [CD] - Sarah Hart


I had that dream again last night

The one where I am flying

Through a hazy, peaceful blue

Everything seems nice

All the world is right

Til I open my eyes

To the stinging alarm

And the chip on my shoulder

One more day to live and breathe

To get a little bit older, uh-huh,

But a little bit bolder...

Cause every day is a brave new world

Gotta have faith, gotta be courageous

Every day is a brave new world

Where I must go

So I'll breathe in deep again

And put on the colored glasses

I have no idea what I am doing, Lord,

But I can't afford to give up now (when)

Maybe the red shoes didn't fit

And I'm still stuck in Kansas

But it's beautiful,

So beautiful here... anyway... (where)

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