by Trevor Thomson, Victoria Thomson

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We Belong To You [MP3] - From: The Commons: By Request
We Belong to You [MP3] - From: Choose Christ 2009
We Belong to You [MP3] - From: Spirit & Song Vol 9 (Discs Q & R)
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We belong to you, O Lord of our longing,
We belong to you.
In our daily living, dying and rising
We belong to you.

1. In the waters of your mercy,
When the old becomes the new,
Souls united in the myst'ry:
We belong to you.

2. Filled with gifts and filled with goodness,
Spirit breathing life into
All who seek to find their purpose:
We belong to you.

3. When we share the bread you’ve broken
With the many and the few,
We are blessed and we are broken;
We belong to you.

4. We are called to share your word, Lord,
In all we say and all we do.
As our journey moves us onward,
We belong to you.

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