Can We Love?

by Tom Booth

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Can We Love? [MP3] - From: Captured
Can We Love? [MP3] - From: Spirit & Song Vol 7 (Discs M & N)
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Can we love?
Can we lay down our lives?
Can we wear his crown of thorns?
Can we drink the cup that He drinks?
We must lay down our lives!

1. It's more than raising our hands,
it's more than singing this song.
It's saying "yes" to the Giver of life,
it’s righting the ways that are wrong! (to Refrain)

2. It’s more than shouting God’s name,
it’s more than singing His praise.
It’s bringing forgiveness to injury’s wound,
and hope to those imprisoned by shame. (to Interlude and Verse 3)

3. Loving the Lord our God
with all our heart, mind and soul,
loving our neighbor as ourselves,
the kingdom of love we will know! (to Verse 4)

4. With feet secure on the ground
and hearts humbled by love
we stand before God's anointed one
and ask the question, and ask the question: (to Refrain)

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