by Sarah Hart, Dwight Liles

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Come, True Light [MP3] - from The Commons: By Request 2.0
Come, True Light [MP3] - from SaintSong
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1. Come, true light, come, life eternal,
come, hidden mystery,
come, nameless treasure, silent reality.
Come, person unfathomed,
rejoicing without end,
come, light that knows no ev’ning, no death.

Come, true light! Come, true light!

2. Come, raising of the fallen,
come, hope of all the saved,
unmoving, unchanging you remain.
Come, our friend, come, God almighty,
alone to the alone,
whose nature we cannot say or know.

3. Come, our rest, our consolation,
our longing soul’s desire,
our joy and our endless delight.

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