by Sarah Hart, Jaime Jamgochian

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1. If you only knew, if you could see
just for one day the way that he sees you:
would you take heart? Could you believe
that you are free to be just you,
to come out of your hiding, beloved one?

You are beautif'lly, fearfully, wonderf'lly made,
loved since the very beginning of days;
fashioned with purpose, designed for this praise.
You are wonderful, wonderf'lly made.

2. He knows who you are, and who you would be.
He saw your face, he gave you voice.
Love desired your heart, and he spoke your name;
you breathed and he, he rejoiced!
Oh hear! Heaven is singing, O child of God!

So take him at his word and just believe,
oh, believe, in how much you are worth!

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