by Sarah Hart

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The Give and Keep [CD] - Sarah Hart
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1. This world was not for you to see,
my arms were not to hold you close to me.
But still I know you are, child of my heart. 2. I weep for all we will not share,
for sweet memories that won’t be there.
But even through this dark, child of my heart,
Refrain I see you with the angels
safe inside the arms of God,
I hear you rejoicing in heaven’s love,
in heaven’s love.
3. Who on earth could fill this empty space
for one’s life can never be replaced
and you are numbered like the stars,
child of my heart. (to Refrain)
4. I can’t say how much you are missed.
Every day I imagine your sweet kiss.
But someday even this shall pass,
you will run into my arms at last,
and I will know just who you are,
child of my heart,
child of my heart.

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