by Robert Feduccia, Sarah Hart

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Christ the Lord [MP3] - from Songs for Advent and Christmas
Christ the Lord [MP3] - from Choose Christ
Christ the Lord [MP3] - From: Spirit & Song Vol 5 (Discs I & J)
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1. Darkness hangs, the world is aching,
Yearning for the coming light.
In his rising, hope awaking,
Love has come to steal the night.
In our hearts true east we’re facing,
Toward the coming of our Lord.
Morning rising, gloom now fleeing;
Christ returned! His word is true!

2. As we wait with hope for rescue
Love descends and all is well.
Prophets tell, “Your God is with us.
Heaven’s gift, Emmanuel.”
He is here, but hid as lowly
In the poor and mystery.
Where the bread and wine are offered
He is here: our God and King.
3. Parting clouds reveal his wonder:
Mighty King in victory.
Trembling earth and rolling thunder,
Blazing sun and quaking sea.
Now he comes, our King, in glory;
Saints rejoice and darkness flees.
Rising rays of light his chariot,
Christ the Lord has made us free.
4. On us now the Son is shining,
Lifting us to his embrace.
Shame is cursed, no more confounding;
Lift your head and know his face.
Love incarnate, breath indwelling,
Now in truth is truth made known.
We are his and he forever
Is our God and he alone.

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