Jesse Manibusan

Just for fun, enter "JESSE MANIBUSAN" in Google. You will be amazed at the results: Page after page of websites featuring Jesse, reviews of his CDs, newspaper interviews, publicity for upcoming appearances, photos and personal blogs by young people who have enjoyed his concerts, etc. For more fun, try entering "Jesse Manibusan Spam." You'll get at least 21 websites about our friendly neighborhood Spam Man. Jesse has definitely made his mark on God’s earth, bringing his unique message of Spirit, Peace And Mercy (SPAM) to countless audiences who are hungry for Good News.

Jesse has the special gift of being able to engage and reach out to any individual — either one on one at a confirmation retreat, or within a large group of teens at a youth rally, or with a crowd of 500,000 people at World Youth Day. It doesn't matter how small or large the audience is. This dynamic performer will touch your soul and have you praising God with him.

Jesse calls himself a Catholic lay evangelist who uses music, comedy and stories to connect with people. Very much in demand around the country as a motivational speaker, Jesse's uplifting message touches all generations. "God gives us life. We may have disappointments, we may be really angry or depressed," said the singer. "It's good we can have a moment to say to God, ‘Thank you for life.'"

Although Jesse currently resides in Pacifica, California, he has lived much of his life in Alameda, serving as a music minister and youth minister in various parishes in the Diocese of Oakland. That diverse community was the inspiration for his popular multicultural collection Misa del Mundo, as well as the CDs Power of Peace, and Love Never Fails. The latter CD, a collaboration with Ken Canedo, contains the Unity Award-winning Rap/Hip Hop Song for 2003, "MC God."

All his recordings showcase Jesse's amazingly versatile singing voice. He is equally at home crooning ballads like "Open My Eyes" and "Fly Like a Bird," belting out rockers like "Power of Peace" and "Fish With Me," and rapping out hip hop tunes like "Another Day" and "What's the Word." No wonder he was named Artist of the Year by the United Catholic Music and Video Association.

Awards and recognition aside, Jesse puts everything in perspective. "It's not about me," he said. "It's about God. And it's not an issue of whether we believe. It's an issue that we know God believes. Every time we mess up God says, 'Get up. I believe in you. Don't be afraid to be who you are. Get over it. Know who I am. Look to me and see a reflection of yourself.' This is about God believing in us."

As all those Google connections will testify, Jesse's message and ministry have reached around the globe.

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