Ven y Sígueme [Guitar Songbook]

Santiago Fernández

This beautifully recorded CD features outstanding performances on vocals, guitar, piano, bass, accordion, marimba, cello, drums and percussion.


Santiago's first solo collection!
The songs of talented composer Santiago Fernández have long been part of the OCP music program, appearing in Flor y Canto, the recent Primavera con Cristo, and other resources. This is his first solo collection! Offering uplifting music in Spanish for liturgy, prayer and listening, Ven y Sigueme encourages all to respond with enthusiasm to Jesus' call to "come and follow me."

Contemporary styles, Latin rhythms
Many of the 12 songs feature contemporary styles and lively Latin rhythms. A good learning tool, the beautifully recorded CD also makes great listening, with outstanding performances on vocals, guitar, piano, bass, accordion, marimba, cello, drums and percussion.

Scripture-based, original songs
Born out of the composer's personal experiences and reflections, each song has a unique personality and story behind it. Most of his original texts are based on psalms and Gospel passages. Featuring a softer and more intimate instrumentation, songs like "Espero en Ti, Señor," "Felices" and "Camino, Verdad y Vida" make a nice background for prayer and meditation.

New music in support of Hispanic communities
Well known for his work in Hispanic ministry, Santiago gathered this music for the benefit of Hispanic Catholic communities everywhere. He carefully crafted the songs to have accessible melodies and arrangements, making them easy to learn and play-well within the reach of most pastoral musicians. The guitar/vocal songbook includes helpful suggestions and inspiring commentaries by the composer.

Seven songs for Lent and Easter
Great for the entire year, the collection contains seven songs for Lent and Easter. "Felices" and "Camino, Verdad y Vida," with their themes of eternal life, hope, are especially appropriate for Easter. "Piedad de Mi (Ps 51)" is one of five psalm settings for Lent.Ven y Sígueme offers a wonderful assortment of first-rate music for celebrations throughout the year.

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