Invitation [CD]

Jenny Pixler

Introspective and playful, pious and fun, the 11 songs feature an impressive range of musical styles, from rock, funk and R&B to pop, blues and folk.


The debut album from Jenny Pixler
Jenny Pixler has burst onto the scene with Invitation, her first solo album. Familiar for her vocals on "Set Me As a Seal," from Matt Maher's Welcome to Life, and "Sacred Silence," from Live It!, she was a phenomenon waiting to happen. With this debut under her belt, it's official: she's one of the most promising new singer/songwriters in contemporary Catholic music.

Mixes R&B, rock and funk with pop, blues and folk
Invitation can't be pigeonholed. Introspective and playful, devout and fun, the 11 songs feature an impressive range of musical styles, from rock, funk and R&B to pop, blues and folk. Long-time friend and mentor Tom Booth lent a helping hand, producing the album, writing two songs and co-writing three.

A story behind every song
There's a story behind every song. "Be with Us, Mary," which closes the album, is a great example. Written when Jenny was just 16 and inspired by a prayer of Mother Teresas, this tender Appalachian-folk song features great parts for mandolin, mountain dulcimer and acoustic guitar.

Great covers of songs by Stevie Wonder and The Beatles
"Have a Talk with God," Jenny's cover of the classic Stevie Wonder song, has an authentic groove. Thick with Hammond organ and harmonica, it affirms God's availability -- and intimacy -- through prayer. Her cover of "Here Comes the Sun" has all the charm of the original Beatles version, and then some.

The title track rocks with a powerful Gospel message
A plaintive piano ballad echoing Jeremiah, "The Call" reflects the hesitation every young Christian feels upon starting a vocation -- or releasing a new album: "But still you say you'll speak through me in spite of my young years." An edgy rock gem based on Matthew 10:37-39, the title track has a jolting Gospel message: "Go ahead and die, that you might live."

Showcasing her versatility, faith, and pure, sweet voice, Invitation is a convincing debut and a golden opportunity to discover one of today's most talented new artists.

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Anima Christi
Be With Us Mary
Deliver Me
Everything You Need
Have A Talk With God
Here Comes the Sun
Prepare the Way
The Call
The Way Within
We Gotta Love

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