SaintSong [CD - Enhanced]

Sarah Hart

The first collection of its kind, Sarah Hart's SaintSong is a contemporary montage featuring wisdom from saints throughout the ages.


Wisdom from saints throughout the ages
Six years ago, Sarah Hart stumbled across the Anima Christi in an old prayer book her mother used as a child. Awed by the beauty of this ancient prayer, she set it to music ("I truly couldn't help myself"), then began searching for more. The first collection of its kind, SaintSong is a contemporary montage featuring wisdom from saints throughout the ages.

11 new contemporary songs in Sarah's folk-pop style
The collection presents 11 brand new compositions in Sarah's inimitable folk-pop style. Texts include poems, prayers and other writings by some of the Church's most revered doctors and theologians. St. Augustine figures prominently, as do women mystics like Catherine of Siena, Hildegard of Bingen and Mechthild of Magdeburg.

CD booklet contains devotional and catechetical material
With sub-sections titled Read, Reflect, Respond and Rest (in the CD booklet), each song becomes a devotional and catechetical exercise. "Read" features the complete song text along with a short bio of the saintly author. In "Reflect," Sarah shares her personal thoughts on the text. "Respond" is a prayer or petition inspired by the text, while "Rest" offers a theme for meditation.

Great for youth and young adult ministries, prayer and more
Combine that devotional content with Sarah's heartfelt performance of these songs and you get a powerful resource for personal prayer and more. Offering several songs for use in the liturgy, SaintSong is great for youth and young adult ministries, retreats, sacramental preparation, and prayer services.

Ancient texts that still apply to modern times
The lyrics for "Restless" include St. Augustine's famous line "We are restless till we rest in you [God]." As Sarah explains in her reflection, that's a universal experience. All people of all times hunger for God--even if they don't know it consciously. The same can be said of the other song texts here: written centuries ago, they still apply to us in our time.

A project six years in the making, SaintSong puts ear-pleasing, contemporary clothes on some of the Church's most beloved texts from the past two millennia.

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Come, True Light
Great and Wonderful Lord
Love Moves You
O Sacred Breath
On the Way
Our Blessing Cup
Spirit of Christ
You Are the Lord

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