The Give and Keep [CD]

Sarah Hart

Share stories of life, loss and hope with songs written from one woman to another.


"No lights hidden under bushels, but revealed to help others see; no coins buried in a field, but invested in my brothers and sisters; nothing hoarded where moth and rust destroy, but shared with a glad heart. This is the give and keep that reveals to the world just who we all are, and who we are in you." —Sarah Hart

Share stories of life, loss and hope
Parish leaders, need a soundtrack for women's retreats or nights of reflection? Men, want to understand the women in your life better? Echoing the passion found in her ministry, The Give and Keep features Sarah at her best—telling stories of life, loss and hope from one woman to another.

Leave a legacy of love
The fun and upbeat "Love We'll Leave" reminds us that the greatest legacy we leave behind isn't power, success or money, but love. Inspired by Psalm 139, "Wonderfully Made" gives young girls a powerful message on chastity and viewing themselves through the loving eyes of God. And for anyone who has experienced the loss of a child, "Child of My Heart" offers hope that they have found comfort with the heavenly Father.

Hear Sarah sing her Grammy-nominated song
Co-written with Chapin Hartford and recently recorded by Amy Grant, "Better Than a Hallelujah" is an honest cry of a heart that's been broken. The strength of this song is that it lives in the real world. Life isn't perfect; we go through painful situations and make mistakes. But God is always ready to help... all we have to do is ask for it.

Tracks: Way to Me | Redemption Song | Love We'll Leave | Infinite Grace | Given for the World | Wonderfully Made | Child of My Heart | Better Than a Hallelujah

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Better Than a Hallelujah
Child of My Heart
Given for the World
Infinite Grace
Love We'll Leave
Redemption Song
Way to Me
Wonderfully Made

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