You Are the Light [Digital Playlist]

Josh Blakesley

Find restoration in the healing power of Christ.


This is the MP3 playlist for the enhanced CD You Are the Light, by Josh Blakesley.

Bring new expression to God's love
At World Youth Day in Sydney, Pope Benedict XVI spoke about "the search for the true, the good and the beautiful." Answering this call, Josh offers seven unique expressions of the power of God's love to heal and restore. Great for inspired listening, this enhanced CD is also packed with bonus features to help you enrich worship in your community.

Energize liturgy and personal prayer
Tapping in to Josh's Louisiana roots, You Are the Light showcases the unique blend of rock, pop and country that make up contemporary Southern music. Real, honest and pure, each of these songs serves as a heartfelt profession of faith to energize liturgy, praise and worship, personal prayer and more!

Rejoice in the restoration of Christ
Co-written by Marc Byrd (Third Day's "God of Wonders") and Grammy-nominated Sarah Hart, "That We Might Live" is an epic and vivid proclamation of the Eucharist. The fun and rhythmic "I Will Give Thanks"—co-written by Dove-nominated Audrey Assad—rejoices in the restoration received in Christ. Composed to be a rousing sending forth song, "You Are the Light" conveys a sense of being sent out on a mission.

Tracks: Restored | I Will Give Thanks | We Are Yours | You Are the Light | That We Might Live | At the Name | All of Me

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All of Me
At the Name
I Will Give Thanks
That We Might Live
We Are Yours
You Are the Light

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