On Eagle's Wings [MP3]

From: Spirit & Song Vol 8 (Discs O & P)

Michael Joncas


Format: Full-length
High-quality, 256 kpbs
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On Eagle’s Wings

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Here I Am to Worship [MP3]
I Know You Are Near [MP3]
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name [MP3]
I Rejoice [MP3]
I Could Sing of Your Love Forever [MP3]
I Shall Not Want [MP3]
I Give to You a Future [MP3]
Jesus, I Trust in You [MP3]
In Every Age [MP3]
I Will Lift Up Your Name [MP3]
Infinite Grace [MP3]
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We Proclaim Your Death, O Lord [MP3]
When We Eat This Bread [MP3]
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Great Amen [MP3]
Lamb of God [MP3]
Advent/Christmas Gospel Acclamation [MP3]
Celtic Alleluia [MP3]
Come to the River [MP3]
Hear Our Prayer [MP3]
Óyenos, Señor/Listen to Your People [MP3]
You Are My Inheritance, O Lord [MP3]
Lord, You Have the Words of Everlasting Life [MP3]
Your Words, Lord, Are Spirit and Life [MP3]
My God, My God [MP3]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [MP3]
To You, O Lord [MP3]
The Lord Is My Light [MP3]
Taste and See [MP3]
Here Am I, Lord (Psalm 40) [MP3]
Like a Deer [MP3]
God Mounts His Throne [MP3]
Be Merciful, O Lord/Create a Clean Heart [MP3]
Be Merciful, O Lord/Create in Me [MP3]
My Soul Is Thirsting/As Morning Breaks [MP3]
My Soul Is Thirsting for You [MP3]
Let All the Earth [MP3]
Lord, Every Nation [MP3]
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy (Psalm 85) [MP3]
Lord, Show Us Your Mercy and Love [MP3]
If Today [MP3]
If Today You Hear His Voice [MP3]
All the Ends of the Earth [MP3]
We Are His People [MP3]
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Benedictus [MP3]
Glory and Praise for Ever [MP3]
There Is a Light [MP3]
Radiant Light Divine [MP3]
My Soul Rejoices [MP3]
Holy Is Your Name [MP3]
Daylight's Ending [MP3]
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Song of Simeon [MP3]
Adoration [MP3]
Pange, Lingua/Sing, My Tongue [MP3]
From Glory to Glory (We Adore You) [MP3]
O Salutaris Hostia/O Saving Lamb [MP3]
Dismissal of the Catechumens [MP3]
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Holy Spirit, Come Now [MP3]
New Creation [MP3]
Signing of the Senses [MP3]
Put On Christ [MP3]
Shepherd Me, O God [MP3]
Go Forth [MP3]
Go in Peace [MP3]
I Know That My Redeemer Lives [MP3]
Love Never Fails [MP3]
Set Me as a Seal [MP3]
Come and Set Us Free [MP3]
Cry Out with Joy/You Will Draw Water [MP3]
Come, Emmanuel [MP3]
To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul [MP3]
Your Light Will Come, Jerusalem [MP3]
Emmanuel [MP3]
Ready the Way [MP3]
The King Shall Come [MP3]
Come to Us [MP3]
Angels We Have Heard on High [MP3]
Born This Day [MP3]
Joy to the World [MP3]
Love Has Captured the Night [MP3]
Of the Father's Love Begotten [MP3]
O Come, All Ye Faithful [MP3]
We Three Kings [MP3]
We Adore [MP3]
What Child Is This [MP3]
Table of Plenty [MP3]
The Eyes and Hands of Christ [MP3]
Unidos [MP3]
We Are the Light [MP3]
We Are the Light of the World [MP3]
You Are Mine [MP3]
We Will Follow [MP3]
Bread for the World [MP3]
Bread of Heaven [MP3]
Grateful [MP3]
Bread of Life [MP3]
Come to the Lord [MP3]
I Sought the Lord [MP3]
Do This in Memory of Me [MP3]
Like the Bread [MP3]
Here at This Table [MP3]
One Bread, One Body [MP3]
Prayer of St. Francis/Oración de San Francisco [MP3]
The Cry of the Poor [MP3]
Prosper the Work of Our Hands [MP3]
Rain on Me [MP3]
Rejoice with All the Saints [MP3]
Renew [MP3]
Revive Us, O God [MP3]
Restless [MP3]
Sacred Silence [MP3]
Saints of God [MP3]
Send Out Your Spirit [MP3]
Shout to the Lord [MP3]
Sound of Hope [MP3]
Stand by Me [MP3]
Sweet Redeemer [MP3]
Take Up Our Cross [MP3]
The Heart of Worship [MP3]
The Breastplate of St. Patrick [MP3]
The Wonders of Your Love [MP3]
Walk Together, Children [MP3]
The Lord Is My Light and My Salvation [MP3]
Unwavering [MP3]
Ubi Caritas/We Will Find God [MP3]
We Ever Will Praise You [MP3]
What Wondrous Love Is This [MP3]
You Alone [MP3]
There Is a Longing [MP3]
We Live to Love [MP3]
We Belong to You [MP3]
You Are the Light [MP3]
You Stand Knocking [MP3]
You Know Who I Am [MP3]
With All Your Strength [MP3]
You Never Let Go [MP3]
Your Grace Is Enough [MP3]
Save Us, Savior [MP3]
When We Eat this Bread [MP3]


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