Choose Christ Guitar Accompaniment Supplement 2010 [Guitar Accompaniment]


Stay current with the most recent guitar accompaniments for 2010!


This supplement updates the 2009 guitar accompaniment book with all of the new music added in 2010 to Choose Christ.

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Please note: if you do not already have the 2009 guitar accompaniment book, you can purchase it here.*

Don't need the binder? You can purchase the 2009 guitar accompaniment book and 2010 supplement inside pages here.

* Guitar accompaniment books purchased after August 31, 2009 already include the 2010 supplement.

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Alive in You
Amazing Grace
Be Forgiven
Blessed Are You, Lord
Can We Love?
Grant Us Peace
Here I Am to Worship
I Give to You a Future
In Christ Alone
Lay It Down
Lord, Every Nation
More Beautiful
O Salutaris Hostia/O Saving Lamb
Oh Dios, Crea en Mí/Create in Me
Take Up Our Cross
Un Canto Nuevo
You Stand Knocking

DRM Free Mp3s
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name [MP3]
Come, Lord Jesus (Prayer of St. Francis) [MP3]
My Soul Is Thirsting [MP3]
What Is Our Service to Be [MP3]
God With Us [MP3]
Bread of Life [MP3]
In Every Age [MP3]
Our God Is Here [MP3]
God of Wonders [MP3]
No Ordinary Day [MP3]
Fish with Me [MP3]
Our God is Good [MP3]
Here I Am [MP3]
Open My Eyes [MP3]
Bless the Lord [MP3]
Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We Are the Body of Christ [MP3]
I Will Choose Christ [MP3]
Worthy Is the Lamb [MP3]
Come to the Lord [MP3]
Able [MP3]
We Ever Will Praise You [MP3]
Breathe [MP3]
Fly Like a Bird [MP3]
O Love of God/Amor de Dios [MP3]
Grateful [MP3]
Love Has Come [MP3]
My Heart Belongs to You [MP3]
Go Make a Difference [MP3]
Song of the Cross [MP3]
Come, Now Is the Time to Worship [MP3]
Here at This Table [MP3]
40 Days [MP3]
With All Your Strength [MP3]
The Lord Is My Shepherd [MP3]
The Breastplate of St. Patrick [MP3]
With One Voice [MP3]
Jesus, I Trust in You [MP3]
Your Grace Is Enough [MP3]
Holy Spirit [MP3]
Open the Eyes of My Heart [MP3]
Day of Peace [MP3]
Sweet Redeemer [MP3]
Healing Waters [MP3]
Like the Bread [MP3]
Wonderful to Me [MP3]
Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God [MP3]
Fragrance Prayer [MP3]
Just Like You [MP3]
In This Place [MP3]
One Bread, One Cup [MP3]
Shout to the Lord [MP3]
My Glorious [MP3]
Bread for the World [MP3]
You Alone [MP3]
Jesus Christ Is Lord [MP3]
My Soul Rejoices [MP3]
We Will Follow [MP3]
God With Us (Emmanuel) [MP3]
Saints of God [MP3]
Be Lifed High [MP3]
Let Your Love Come Down [MP3]
Mighty King [MP3]
We Live To Love [MP3]
Renew [MP3]
Sing Hosanna [MP3]
Sacred Silence [MP3]
Cristo Sáname/Jesus, Heal Me [MP3]
Come to the Water/I Will Run to You [MP3]
Song of Simeon (Luke 2) [MP3]
Benediction [MP3]
Mighty to Save [MP3]
Do This in Memory of Me [MP3]
Lord, Let My Prayer Arise/Suba Mi Oración [MP3]
Walk Together, Children [MP3]
O God, You Search Me [MP3]
Tell It Out [MP3]
We Belong to You [MP3]
Holy Spirit, Come Now [MP3]
Never Too Young [MP3]
I Will Lift Up Your Name [MP3]
Communion [MP3]
Holy Is the Lord [MP3]
Behold the Lamb of God [MP3]
Taste and See (Psalm 34) [MP3]
Overflow [MP3]
Let It Be Done [MP3]
Lord, Let Your Face Shine Upon Us [MP3]
Adoration [MP3]
I Shall Not Want [MP3]
For the Sake of Christ [MP3]
With All Our Hearts [MP3]
The Eyes and Hands of Christ [MP3]
Everlasting God [MP3]
Surrender All [MP3]
Holy, Holy, Holy Cry [MP3]
Fill Me, O God [MP3]
Gather Us, Lord [MP3]
Marvelous Light [MP3]
Hosanna [MP3]
Ready the Way [MP3]
King of My Heart [MP3]
As It Is in Heaven [MP3]
Lord, Every Nation (Psalm 72) [MP3]
With Rejoicing Hearts/Con Amor Jovial [MP3]
Resurrection Day [MP3]
Come, Holy Spirit [MP3]
There Is a Longing [MP3]
We Come to You [MP3]
Give Me Ears to Listen [MP3]
Be with Me, Lord (Psalm 91) [MP3]
Benedictus (Canticle of Zachary) [MP3]
Radiant Light Divine [MP3]
Come to Jesus [MP3]
Meditation [MP3]
Greater Will Be the Future [MP3]
For Your Glory [MP3]
How Great Is Our God [MP3]
Be with Us, Mary [MP3]
Go in Peace [MP3]
Un Canto Nuevo [MP3]
Here I Am to Worship [MP3]
You Stand Knocking [MP3]
Blessed Are You Lord [MP3]
I Give You a Future [MP3]
Lay It Down [MP3]
Take Up Our Cross [MP3]
Be Forgiven [MP3]
Grant Us Peace [MP3]
Oh Dios, Crea en Mi/Create in Me (Psalm 51) [MP3]
O Salutaris Hostia/O Saving Lamb [MP3]
In Christ Alone [MP3]
Can We Love? [MP3]
Alive In You [MP3]
More Beautiful [MP3]
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) [MP3]
Reflection [MP3]
Miracle of Grace (Bread of Life) [MP3]
Emmanuel [MP3]
Bread of Heaven [MP3]
Redemption Song [MP3]
Holy Spirit, Come to Me [MP3]
Many and One [MP3]
Awake, O Sleeper [MP3]
You Are God [MP3]
I Am Saved [MP3]
At the Name [MP3]
Born This Day [MP3]
Bread of Life/Pan de Vida [MP3]
Christ in Me Arise [MP3]
Falling Into You [MP3]
From the Inside Out [MP3]
I Sought the Lord [MP3]
Christ Is Risen [MP3]
Go Forth [MP3]
I Know You Are Near [MP3]
I Rejoice [MP3]
Remembrance (Communion Song) [MP3]
Restored [MP3]
Send Your Glory Down [MP3]
Restless [MP3]
Christ the Lord [MP3]
You Are My King [MP3]
Take Me [MP3]
Cornerstone [MP3]
You Are the Light [MP3]
More of You [MP3]
Holy God We Praise Thy Name [MP3]
Unidos [MP3]
New Creation [MP3]
All Creatures of Our God and King [MP3]
Prosper the Work of Our Hands [MP3]
Come to Us [MP3]
Love Has Captured the Night [MP3]
10,000 Reasons [MP3]
All Who Are Thirsty [MP3]
Eternity [MP3]
Every Day I Will Sing [MP3]
Go Out, Go Out [MP3]
In the Silence [MP3]
Into the Desert [MP3]
Make Your Home in Me [MP3]
Rest in God Alone [MP3]
Run to the Cross [MP3]
Sound of Hope [MP3]
The Wonders of Your Love [MP3]
You Are Mine [MP3]
You Never Let Go [MP3]
Your Love Is Better [MP3]
Alleluia! Love Is Alive [MP3]
Forever [MP3]
Oceans [MP3]
Face to Face [MP3]
From Glory to Glory (We Adore You) [MP3]
Go Ye Out [MP3]
Send Out Your Spirit [MP3]
Ubi Caritas/We Will Find God [MP3]
Vine and Branches [MP3]
Voice of Christ [MP3]
A Rightful Place [MP3]
Benedictus [MP3]
Hosanna to the Son of David [MP3]
I Saw Water Flowing [MP3]
Magnificat [MP3]
One Sacrifice of Christ [MP3]
Taste and See [MP3]
The King Shall Come [MP3]


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