Send Your Glory Down

Someone somewhere in the world is praying for you now at this very moment! The Liturgy of the Hours is the prayer of the Church, prayed mainly by priests and religious communities, but also by laypeople. All are welcome to participate.

The purpose of the Liturgy of the Hours is to make holy every moment of the day by praying the Psalms and reflecting on the sacred Scriptures. Those who pray the Liturgy of the Hours are called to pray for the whole Church, the body of Christ — you and me. Because the Church has such a global reach, this means some Christian somewhere, in every time zone, is praying for you right now. This is awesome when you think about it. In this bond of prayer and unity, God's glory is revealed.

Trevor Thompson's “Send Your Glory Down” is based on one of the earliest hymn texts of Christianity, the “Phos Hilaron.” It is the evening hymn for the Great Vespers of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Candles are lit during the singing of this hymn to symbolize how Christ’s light shines in the darkness of the night. Many communities in the Roman Catholic Church also sing this hymn, with a candle-lighting ritual, at the beginning of Evening Prayer for the Liturgy of the Hours. Trevor offers a contemporary setting for this ecumenical text that brings hope to those around the world who pray this ancient prayer.

O Radiant Light Divine,
Shine in this heart of mine.
Word of God, dispel our darkness.

O Image of the Light Sublime,
Our God Incarnate beyond time,
That fills this place with heaven’s glory.

Send your glory down.
Send your glory down.
Send your glory down.

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