Sing Like Never Before

Broadway musicals have always amused me. You watch the play and learn about the characters as a good story unfolds. Then suddenly, without warning, the protagonist poses a question and starts singing! People on stage shuffle toward him and chime in with abandon, smiling and dancing all the way.

“Consider yourself at home! Consider yourself part of the family . . .”

The only reason we as an audience tolerate this curious behavior is because the songs are so good, especially the classics in musicals like Oliver, The Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady. Those songs soar into the stratosphere because of their amazing melodies and memorable lyrics. But let’s face it, if you were to suddenly start singing on the street of a bustling metropolis, passersby would give you dirty looks. Someone might even call the police!

About the only time I ever see people spontaneously break into song in public is at large-scale youth events. At World Youth Day or at the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC), it’s not unusual to hear groups of teens sing their favorite songs with spirited excitement, even in downtown streets outside the conference venue.

And that brings us to a song that I have personally observed as having the ability to cause people to sing impulsively: “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” by Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin, gifted songwriters of such contemporary Christian classics as “The Heart of Worship,” “Better Is One Day,” and “Our God.” At a couple of recent youth events, I have been on the piano in a meeting room, noodling through the opening lines of “10,000 Reasons.” Suddenly, heads perk up and teenagers flock over, singing the song from their hearts, without even looking at a song sheet. That’s powerful!

“10,000 Reasons” is a heartfelt invitation to praise God at every moment of the day. The range of the melody gets pretty high in the refrain, and most people shouldn’t be able to sing the high D in “O my soul”–and yet they do, with unabashed enthusiasm. Kudos to Matt and Jonas for composing a song that truly captures the joy of discipleship!

And this song is included in the new edition of Spirit & Song!

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