I love this song by ValLimar Jansen! I love her voice on the recording. I love the message.

You will ride out every storm,
and survive the floods of life.
You will climb those mountains and those hill...

And you’ll rise above the doubts;
you’ll walk through blazing fires...

Just trust you can, because you can!

And you will, and you will,
‘cause God’s will is for the highest good in your life...


Saint Iraneus says, “The glory of God is human beings fully alive.” ValLimar’s exhortation (the title of the song!) to each of us—to try, to continue, to believe, to LIVE—is a beautiful message. It’s not humanism void of faith, but faith made incarnate in the human spirit to believe, go forward and try—because we are not alone! It is a faith that says: “God loves me, I am valuable, I am not alone! I am made in God’s image and likeness so I MUST try and go on,. because To not do so would be to saying to God: Your grace is not enough”

Life is certainly hard. The human experience is filled with pain and anguish. But the human story is also supposed to be a life of joy, laughter, friendship and music. Sin destroys, and perhaps the first thing sin destroys is the JOY OF LIFE.

This song is a powerful, old-school pop ballad, driven by piano, a tight band, and the calming, faith-infusing voice (and life) of ValLimar Jansen. Her husband, keyboard aficionado Frank Jansen, lays down the perfect pop-piano performance that is the background to the song.

Let the church be exhorted by this song. If life knocks you down, “get up!” We hear that phrase throughout the Gospels: “Get up, pick up your mat and walk!” “Be on your way!” “Come, follow me!” So have no fear. Listen to this song, play this song for your church community, and have no fear. Trust you can, because you can! It’s because of God’s grace and love, because YOU were made in God’s image. Act and believe in the One who made you!

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