spiritandsong.com is the fruit of several years of prayer, dreaming, planning, teamwork and perseverance. Developed in association with our sister organization, OCP Publications, spiritandsong.com is more than just a website. It's a virtual faith community, a place where Christians of all ages can experience faith-building music, online prayers, devotions and much more.

Offering the latest releases by both big-name artists and emerging new talents, spiritandsong.com is THE place for contemporary Catholic music. Link and listen online anytime with streaming audio, download songs, and get updates on new releases through our newsletter. spiritandsong.com also gets you closer to the artists - and supports them in their ministry - with full-length profiles, concert and event listings and booking opportunities.

The roots of spiritandsong.com can be traced back to 1999, when OCP published the Spirit & Song songbook. This sleek book of 213 songs quickly became known as "the youth hymnal." Youth groups, campus ministries, Catholic high schools and churches found in Spirit & Song an invaluable resource.

Since then, both the praise, worship and liturgical music scene and computer/internet technologies have changed dramatically. With the increased accessibility of laptops, iPods and other portable devices, and with the increased popularity of faith-based artists, it just made sense to bring their music to people in the form of a new website.

Launched on November 15, 2003, and redesigned in September 2005, spiritandsong.com will continue to grow and evolve, with new functions, resources, artists and music added all the time.

Thanks for visiting and for becoming part of the spiritandsong.com community. Be sure to come back again soon to see what's new, or sign-up for our newsletter for updates on all the latest developments.

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