by Donna Peña

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CD's with Mi Alma Está Sedienta de Ti / My Soul is Thirsting for You
Pray Your Heart [CD] - Sarah Hart, Steve Angrisano, Jesse Manibusan, Trevor Thomson, Tom Booth, Timothy R. Smith, Tom Tomaszek, Bobby Fisher, Jaime Cortez, Janèt Sullivan Whitaker


Mi alma está sedienta de ti,
Señor, Dios mío. (bis)

1. Oh Dios, tú eres mi Dios,
por ti madrugo, mi alma está sedienta de ti;
mi carne tiene ansia de ti,
como tierra reseca, agostada, sin agua.

2. ¡Cómo te contemplaba en el santuario
viendo tu fuerza y tu gloria!
Tu gracia vale más, más que la vida,
te alabarán mis labios, te alabarán.

3. Toda mi vida te bendeciré y alzaré
las manos invocándote.
Me saciaré como en fiesta, y satisfecho,
mis labios te alabarán jubilosos.

4. Porque fuiste mi auxilio,
y a la sombra de tus alas canto con júbilo,
mi alma está unida a ti y tu diestra
me sostiene.

My soul, my soul is thirsting for you,
O Lord my God. (repeat)

1. O God, you are my God whom I seek.
For you my flesh pines, for you my soul thirsts,
like the earth repentant and parched,
like the earth that is lifeless, lifeless without water.

2. Thus have I gazed toward you in the sanctuary
to see your power and your glory, Lord.
Your kindness is a greater, greater good than life.
My lips, my heart, my mouth shall always praise you, Lord.

3. Thus will I bless you, bless you while I live.
Raising my hands, I will call your name.
As with the riches of a feast shall my soul be satisfied.
With exultant lips and heart my mouth shall praise you.

4. You, my God, you my refuge,
in the shadow of your wings I shout for joy, for joy.
My soul clings fast to you, O Lord, and your right hand,
it upholds me.

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