by Tom Booth

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Unravel [CD] - Tom Booth
Unravel [MP3] - From: Unravel
Unravel [MP3] - From: The Best of Tom Booth (1995-2005), 12919


It was like a dream, it was like

a thing you see on TV.

It was like a play, it was like

a day you wish hadn't happened.

'Cause all I'd worked for, all I dreamed of

unraveled in my hands.

It started out okay;

I was dressed and clean

and shaved and handsome.

All had gone my way.

Just one more time and I'd become a legend.

But you stepped in...

And stole my hopes, my pride,

my future and my win.

In the middle of a circumstance,

You gotta chalk it up to happenstance.

You never know what's gonna come your way.

If you're spinnin' off the road again,

take a breath and take a look at him;

you never know when you might unravel.

There for all to see, I lost my head

and took yours in the process.

I tried to walk away, but I'm not one

to fake a graceful drowning.

But you stepped in

you stepped in and showed me

losing could be winning.

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